Monday, March 16, 2009

Thrifty and Creative's Email Bag

I try to check my email address at least once a month! Thank you for anyone who sends me messages via this email address. I do appreciate your emails and patience!

This leads me into my Thrifty and Creative's Email Bag post!

I am excited to share one of my reader's offers. This offer is for Thrifty and Creative Readers and myself for the following discount (psst...loving discount offers...that is what we are about here):

Katie wants us to know about a new product on the market: Snuggle Creme Fabric Softener and is offering us the coupon above for $2.00 off! Thanks Katie!

This fabric softener adds two luxurious aromas to laundry time while softening your clothes. Let's all give them a try with our new $2.00 off Coupon!

I hope everyone is having a terrific Monday and enjoys this Email Bag Post! Keep them coming readers!

Thank you again Katie...have a great week!

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