Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend Deals: Yard Sale Finds

I am excited to report my deals from this past weekend. My deals came from Yard Sales!

Here it goes...

The following purchases are from a High School yard sale ( 100 yard sales in one place)
*I bought 7 Leap Pad books (three cartridges) that were in a bag together for $1.00! One book and cartridge we already have, so I will give that to my sister for her baby. Another book and cartridge do work and match...we will keep. The other books and leftover cartridge (didn't have the book) we will hang onto. He can still "read" the books or be read to. for a $1.00 is totally worth it for the two fully functioning books as they retail for $10 each.

*A SUPER YARD! Looks brand new with all six panels....$2.00!!!! Retails for $60.00 for six panels. We have two Super Yards already, this set will be for my sis. What a deal!

*Melissa & Doug Magnetic Dolls (change the wooden dolls with magnetic wooden clothing). No missing pieces that I can tell. Excellent quality toy, name brand.... $.50! 50 Cents! Wow!!! I would bet this retails for $20 or so in the stores.

*THREE Creative Memories (two in the shrink wrap still...never been open) Scrapbooks! $1.00 EACH! Two are 12X12's and one is a 12X6 book.

*One Creative Memories set of pages in the shrink wrap in black...$1.00 You can't leave such a thing for those prices! That stuff is Expensive so I may have to take up some scrapbooking this summer!

My total for all this was $8.00 Yes, I know it adds up to $7.50...they overcharged me for one item...I am not about to complain with those savings!

We stopped at 4-5 other yard sales at houses...and one we had is what I bought:

*A beautiful red and gold teapot! Will be great for the dining room or give to my mother who loves teapots: $4.00

*About 50 Chinese Slides (Dragons, etc...)...great for teaching...with a little viewer for $1.50

*Three Hardback Children's Books (excellent condition, no writing in them): $.50 each $1.50 for all three.

*A little silver tray that will be used to drop keys, change and cell phones in for $1.00 very cute!

This yard sale total: $8.00 as funny!

So you see, I had a GREAT Saturday out with the yard sales! For less than $20.00, I got all the above! I am so excited about my purchases! Man, I am ready to go again next week!

Have a great week!


angelesb said...

Excellent finds:-)

scrapbooking albums prize was so good! You were so lucky in these yard saless :-)

Congratulations and have a wonderful week :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love yard sales!!! My mother is constantly searching for things for our baby at garage sales, and she finds the best stuff for the cheapest prices!!

Love your blog - my husband also writes a blog about frugal living - feel free to check it out at

Saph said...

Wow!! I really need to go yard-saling.
Awesome finds!