Thursday, January 27, 2011

Free Listings on Ebay for a limited time...

If you like to sell on Ebay (I do, still)...they are running Free Auction Style Listings any start price from now til February 8th!  I know, I am going to get busy this weekend and try to list as much as I can.  We need the money pretty bad right now, so I am excited about pay unless you actually sell something.  Very nice.  Thank you Ebay for thinking of the little sellers!  :-)

Money has continued to be super tight for us; however, by the Grace of God...we keep moving forward.  We are cutting out trash pick up and going to take it ourselves starting in March, when our service runs out.  We are also going to cancel the pest control; except, termite yearly inspections (that is important to your home's health...keeping that).  The pest control was just something we added for peace of mind and not having to worry about doing any sprays, etc...ourselves.  We will bring it back again one day when finances aren't so tight.

For now, we enjoy each day and are praying tax time works in our favor.

Have a great day!

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