Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Thrifty Move of the Year: DIY Trash!

What do I mean?  Well, we are going to attempt to take our own trash and recyclables to the local "dump site."  We do love our service of having it picked up at the house and they have done nothing wrong.  I am just always looking to cut down on spending (especially bills..so we can spend in other places we would like or pay down something else with it).

What I have learned:
We pay $76 per quarter (includes recycling) with our current company.  (I think it is pretty good already)
There is another local company that is $45 per quarter (does not include recycling, but I can take it to work most of it...Art teacher here, I can reuse just about anything).  (This is really REALLY great for a pick up service)
And some friends pointed out to me that hauling your own trash and recyclables to our local convenience center is $40 per half a year...$80 per YEAR and you can take about anything there (whereas pick up services sometimes won't take certain things and you end up paying to go to the landfill anyways).
This tough to beat and at least not try. So we are up for the challenge. The closest "convenience" center to us is seriously 5 minutes or less away.  Really can't complain about gas to travel there etc...it is more like..are we willing.  We are going to take a look in the next couple days and make a final decision of "Convenience Center" or the $45 a quarter company.  I think we are definitely saving either way we go on that one!

Just thought I would share!  :-)
Happy New Year 2011!

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