Saturday, January 9, 2010

Trying 1000 Markets for the New Year!

We have three shops now selling our handmade Artwork and Artisan works!

The newest is 1000 far I am enjoying this site and their easy set up and no fees until you sell something. is just day 3 for the shop but am so excited to have been approved. With 1000 Markets...they check over your photos and work, etc...and are more particular than some sites (not that the others aren't great also). I like that you have to be gives you a sense of accomplishment and that you know what you are doing. Sometimes, you know, we aren't sure if things look right, etc...but I know that 1000 Markets wouldn't let us have a shop if we didn't have things but a certain way, so I am excited.

Our new shop title is: Claudiu and Melanie

Yeah, I am not so "creative" on naming our shops...luckily my husband's name is unique enough to work. :-)
(P.S. Sidenote: Still haven't found that perfect girl name for a newest little family member due in March.)

Give us a visit to our new shop as they have features like writing wall posts or commenting on the blog feature there. I love it. So easy to use in so many ways. I wanted to let anyone out there know...another great place to shop...another great place to sell handmade! LOVE IT!
Curious of our other two shops? Curious no more:
Our Etsy Shop (best selling thus far by far) (also...most of our items are here)
Our Artfire Studio

Make it a great weekend!

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