Sunday, January 10, 2010

Accidental Find Today at the Thrift Store

The before shots: Story below:

Today we went to drop off some donations at our local Thrift Store. I decided to go inside to find a cheap (hoping to) short bookshelf. No luck on the bookshelf. (Wanted it for my son's books.)

What I did find, I could not pass up. A Vanity seat...the old fashioned kind from the 70's/80's era. I have been wanting one for a while. This one...the only problem...colors. Yuck...white vinyl seat and green metal. It is in good shape and was only $12.00. I had my husband (good man) go inside and take a look (he was dropping off the donations) to see if we could paint it, etc... He said sure. So we are going to repaint the metal another color and reupholster the seat with some nice fabrics I have. I can't wait to tackle this project. My husband is always looking for a he will paint the metal and I will reupholster the cushioned seat. Yay!

Did I mention...I had been hoping for YEARS to run across one of these. So excited! I'll have to take pictures! :-)


Online Auction said...


Mostly people like the old fashion in furniture collection.

James Parker.
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Melanie said...

You are correct in that! Well, for myself for sure! :-) I have a 1950s Kitchen table in the kitchen and it is my favorite piece in the house and I have some really nice stuff throughout thanks to my mother whom worked in the furniture industry for 37 years.

I love anitique stores and thrift stores for the unique and unusual!