Saturday, January 30, 2010

Playing in Sleet!

Yeah, I said Sleet! :-) The winter weather began last night as a beautiful fast covering snowfall; however, around 2 a.m. turned into sleet and has pretty much stayed that way all today as well! My son, being the 4 year old that he is, would not rest until he got outside. So, his daddy took him out early this morning to get it out of his system. It only took all of 10-15 minutes and the fun was over. :-) I stayed in due to the fact I am expecting and not a smart idea to risk a potential slip or fall. This is the reason you will notice all but one pic is taken from indoors. (Daddy, pictured first, took one pic.) :-)

Stay warm and have a great day everyone! We'll have to make up the electric bill another month I suppose. :-)

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