Monday, January 4, 2010

Girl Baby Name Suggestions Needed

We are having a very hard time finding a name we like for our baby girl due in March! Now since I only have a few months left to go...I am starting to get nervous because we just can't find a name. I am asking for any suggestions from you all out there. Just drop it in the comment section.

We would like a name that is pretty and unique at the same time. We will need help with a middle name as well. We also welcome any nationality of names. My husband is Romanian so we like names from all over. A Romanian name would be nice but so far nothing has shouted that it is the right name yet! So HELP! :-)

Have a terrific week!


Anonymous said...

Let's see... Violet, Maria, Ana.
It's just a suggestion, please don't shoot me! :D ;) Gino

Melanie said...

Hi Gino!

Violet is cool! I am looking for any kind of suggestions we can get! We would love a Romanian Girl Name but most names either are taken by someone we know here or I have taught someone with that name already. Romanian boy names are very unique here and our boy was easy to name as no one has his name. :-) Being a teacher it is hard to name your child! :-)

Keep giving me suggestions...I love it! You just never know when you will hear something that is the perfect name! Violet, although, I know it is a name we have here...I haven't taught anyone with that I will put it on a list of possibilities!

Thank you!
Melanie :-)

I hope you guys are doing well!

A. O.-R. said...

Well, I'm not sure of your style, but my girlfriend just had a baby that she named Phoebe Louise. Everyone seems to love it, including her family, who is very choosy.

Other cute bird names: Robin (Robyn), Lark, (Finch is a fun middle name).

Good luck!

Melanie said...

Thank you Annie for the suggestions...they are all great ideas...I will add them to the list! :-)

Keep the suggestions coming everyone! :-)

I have a feeling that I will be taking a list to the hospital with me an simply name her using the list!

Anonymous said...

The prettiest girl I ever saw had the prettiest name....


Melanie said...

Thank you for that suggestion Anon. Shaysie is very unusual and pretty at the same time! My list is getting bigger!

Thank you everyone!

spate said...

Hey Melanie!
My suggestion is Ella.

It's easy for a 5 year old to learn how to spell and I just think it's graceful and elegant.

As for a middle name...hmm? Maybe the last name of your favorite artist...who ever that may be (or any artist for that matter). So for me it would be, Ella Monet :P

Melanie said...

Cool ideas Spate! Ella is pretty!

I like the idea of fav artist as a middle...very cool!


Gino said...

Hi Mel. Another name... Teodora (Theodora).

Melanie said...

Hi Gino! I really like the name Teodora! We know someone with that name here; however, I LOVE that name! Great Suggestion!