Thursday, May 21, 2009

What is a PIF on Etsy anyway?

I have been curious for some time on Etsy what a PIF is. Now I know and have actually participated and will definitely participate again in the future.

P.I.F. Stands for: "Pay It Forward"

Apparently this is a movie titled "Pay It Forward" and it speaks of good will towards others...with random acts of kindness. Someone on Etsy Started "PIFs" by putting items on Etsy for 20 cents but you really don't actually pay it....and you "pay" by promising to do a random act of kindness as your payment to create good will around you, etc...

Now...naturally many may charge shipping or have you to pay the 20 cents and some even have a price. Pretty much it is a large discount. A true PIF is no charge for item and no shipping. Folks can put a price as there is no rule, it is a simple gesture of good will. I have had several PIFs in my shop and I do not charge shipping or a price.

You have to read each description to see the expectations of the seller.

I have received some really cute stuff and useful items such as crochet patterns and such.

I have given away as PIFs bracelets, ACEOs and a keyring I made. Needless to say with no charge at all, they didn't last long. I am happy to receive the positive feedback to build my store on. It feels good to give!

I encourage you to either list a PIF in your Etsy shop (if you have one) or get started shopping on Etsy with a PIF! Keep in mind, you don't want all your purchases to be PIFs; although there is no rules against is simply the idea of moderation and fairness. You don't want to come across rude by buying on PIFs. This is just an etiquette thing.

If I have a PIF in my doesn't matter to me who "purchases" it...just leave me some good ole positive feedback! :-)

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