Thursday, May 28, 2009

Paycuts and Furlough

I am not complaining...but definitely my saving and cutting back skills are being put to the test.

As you may remember, my husband was laid off back in December...found a job two weeks later...that job cut him $5/hour...he found a new job (lower paying that the first) but is now happy and has steady 40 hours per week and no weekends. This is awesome for us!

Now, it is my turn! :-) Just got a 1/2 percent deduct (for my yearly salary...not month) out of one paycheck...we will also have a 10 hour of furlough (unpaid time off where you can't use sick days and such). I am really not complaining...just stating the facts. I am just excited to have a job and pray to keep it for next school year. It is getting frightening. I am cool with these cuts and concern is when they start cutting jobs and the arts. No one has said they are cutting the arts, but if they do...there I go. A bit scary.

Thought I would share! We are still happy and afloat! We cut costs wherever we can. We don't go out (don't really ever do) and buy new cloths or unnecessary foods....just the basics and an occasional treat.

Lately, my "splurge" is buying crafting and art supplies. I guess it isn't a splurge as much as it is an addiction lately. I love Art and Craft Supplies! I guess I see it is as something that is "okay" to buy because pretty much, maybe I could get my money back by selling something I make.
Not the easiest task in the world to sell handmade items...but I do love it when someone buys from me as it makes me feel good that someone wants something I made enough to pay for it!
I have sold some crayons, and a few bracelets. My husband has sold a bunch of custom drawings.

That is my word on this Thursday!

Have a terrific day! Yay...tomorrow is Friday!


Tricia said...

I have that same addiction. I have so much fabric that it is not even funny.

Melanie said...

I do have a problem! I love making stuff though! I just love it! I love new supplies and once I purchase them...I can't wait to make something with them. Summer is in less than a week for looking forward to being home with my son and creating while he is sleeping or playing!