Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What can I do with Cereal Boxes and other Thin Boxes?

I thought this would be a great way to gather ideas for myself, my classroom, and I assume many of you would be interested as well. I know folks that drop by my blog here are looking to save money in creative ways. Now, I also know that these same types of folks are like me in that Recycling and Being Green is a way of life for them (and you do save money by doing so as well).

We can all still be creative with how we recycle instead of the norm.

Sooooo....What I want to do every now and again is open up the "floor" to you guys...give me some ideas of how to use something in a creative way.

Today...I want to know...what are some creative uses for Cereal/Food/Thin Cardboard Boxes?

I will get us started:
  2. Artist Trading Cards
  3. Bound with Recycled Backs of Paper = Autograph Books (these are things I have already done in my classroom).

Any other ideas? Share by dropping a line or two in the Comment Jar!

Happy Tuesday!

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