Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My apologies for my absense.

I have somehow taken a break from blogging for about a week now from here. My apologies to my regulars. I should get back on track soon.

It has been a busy past few weeks. The end of the school year is approaching rapidly and it is time to wrap things up and prepare for testing and closing down my room and such. Also, on the homefront...lots of cleaning up and practicing letters, numbers, colors and reading with my son whom will turn 4 years old in July! I just can't believe it! He no longer looks like a baby...but like a cute little boy!

I am working also on an Etsy store for my Mom for her sewing items. I am pretty excited about that. I love Etsy and have found it to be more relaxed, more visibly pleasing to the eye versus another venue I used to sell on.

I will keep you all posted when her store is full functioning as she will be making several items of interest to many. She is great and has 37 years of upholstery sewing experience. I have encouraged her to make items that are fun for her and get away from the upholstery stuff for a while as she is burned out on can imagine. She is excited about the etsy shop and is looking forward to stocking it!

You can bookmark/favorite her store by going to I am excited about her store title as well! My husband helped me come up with it. Her son and niece call her Nanny! :-) My son named her when he started talking. :-)


Melanie said...

Thank you and glad you are enjoying my blog! I hope to get back into my regular routine of postings soon...just so much going on lately it seems. Not bad, just busy! :-)

I will have to check out your blog as well!

Thank you again!

From Bottle to Box said...

Hi Thrifty and Creative,
Just wanted to let you know that you received an award today on my site.
I received it last week from:
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Melanie said...

Thank you so much!