Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Walgreen's Christmas Items 75% now!

Out of curiosity, I went in Walgreen's (because it is a new one near us) and ran across their 75% off Christmas items. There was quite a bit of "good" stuff left considering how many days after Christmas it is now. I know it is because many people this year are saying no to after Christmas sales and hanging on to their money and holding out for deeper discounts. It was just by chance walking through the aisle. I couldn't resist the little M&M's Elvis Ornaments! Regular $5.99 each...got each for $1.29 (Yes, I bought about 10)! I also bought an Elvis singing dog for $5...regular $20! I know those seem like silly purchases but our neighborhood's road names are named after Elvis and I just have fun with it. They also had tons of good candy and chocolates among many other decoration type of items. It is worth a look. I had to splurge as the entire Christmas Season...I was VERY miserly. This was a treat for myself and some sort of relief.

Oh yeah! I can't believe I didn't mention it...we closed our Refinance Yesterday successfully! I am excited about that as well! We locked in for 5.5% 30 Year Fixed! Very awesome! I hear the rates are supposed to lower more, but we didn't care, we weren't going to take any chances!

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