Friday, December 12, 2008

Things are looking up!

Just thought I would write a post to say thank you to all of your well wishes and prayers. I wanted you to know that things are turning around already!

My husband received a job and will start on Monday. He will make more than his last job and little chance for a layoff there. Downside is he will not ever get any Saturdays off. Oh well. It will be okay. I still consider us lucky and blessed people.

We are also in the process of refinancing our house at 5.5%! Several people recommended us to refinance our house because my husband was laid off. Apparently there is something to it and it is looking good thus far on the refinance. I will keep you posted and let you know for sure if it went through by the end of the month. I am pretty excited about everything again; however, a bit exhausted. It has been a tiresome week. Today, I didn't have a sitter because her son had strep throat and pink eye and to be honest, my son and myself have a cold as well. We were better off to stay home as we also have the house appraisal today. Also, I have a ton of paperwork dealing with the refinance I have to take care I keep moving forward.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Over The Top Aprons said...

I am happy for you and your family;may the coming year be great!

Anonymous said...

Great News!! Happy Holidays