Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year! Get to work on your Taxes!

I help four other people besides myself with taxes each year. For all of us, I use TurboTax! This is my 6th year using this online program! I love it and feel it truly does give you back your maximum refund and is very easy to work with and understand. If you can follow directions and answer can and should use this program! Also, not only that...but you could do your taxes on TurboTax and if you feel like it isn't for you...just don't file can delete and pay nothing. I am pretty sure you will want to use it though.

I had a friend last year that went home (her and her husband) and did their taxes on TurboTax...logged out...went to their usual place of getting their taxes done. When the end of the process was reached...their bill was going to be higher and TurboTax was going to get them back a little bit more money even. They said no thanks and came back home and efiled from there and were very happy. True Story!

Depending on your needs (if you are a business or something or don't have the time) it might not be for you. I am not a tax expert but TurboTax helps me to be most confident in filing my own taxes and it is somehow fun!

TurboTax - Do your taxes for Free

If you itemize (I do)...use the Deluxe! Read the choices and choose based on your needs! You can upgrade anytime through the process...but you can NOT downgrade! Best thing is to start with the lowest or deluxe program and TurboTax will ask you the questions it needs to in order to see if you need a more. Most people will use basic or Deluxe! Deluxe is going to give you all those deductions for donations, medical, childcare expenses etc...

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