Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It is a New Day: New President and NC actually gets a Snow Day!

This is off the mark on the title "Thrifty and Creative" but it is so nice to finally see a real snow fall after 4-5 years! We haven't seen anything stick to the ground in central NC in years! It is exciting for the kids as well as adults! I have the day off...school was cancelled for Students and Staff!

It is a wonderful day off as now pretty much anyone that wanted to watch THE Inauguration that couldn't before, now they can because the snow has given us a day off to do so!

As stated in the Subject Title: "It is a New Day!"

What a great event we all get to witness! Set those DVRs, etc...!

Have a great day!

Looking for some memorabilia? Go pick up a newspaper EARLY before they sell out! Or go to the popular Trading Card maker site Topps and purchase some Trading Cards of Obama! Very cool collectors piece!


Mary said...

Stumbled on your blog from Kyle's coupons.. I'm in Charlotte where we too had a snow day. Nice! I got to stay home which was very good timing for me. We had about 2 inches but its almost gone now.

Melanie said...

I am more towards the East and we lucked up big time by getting 6-7 inches of snow in my location! Totally a surprise as we really haven't had a "real snow" in years!

It is nice to get those unexpected days at home!