Thursday, July 10, 2008

Friday in Romania! Day Five!

Friday Morning has started off quite interesting. Late last night we had to take my son to the doctor (they have 24 hour doctors and pharmacies). He had a fever for three nights. We have Motrin with us and it works, but we decided to take him to the doctor just in case. He went in and was seen immediately. The doctors and nurses were very nice. They gave him a shot and made him feel better within minutes. This morning, we went back for a follow-up and they swabbed the inside of his mouth to see what the problem is. They issued standard medications for him til Monday to keep him feeling good with no temperature. He felt great after both doctor visits. The visit at night costs a total of $57.00. The swab test cost $24.00. The Medications cost $50.00 (that is for four different kinds to last us our trip...not bad with no insurance for this country).

My son is feeling great now and is watching Artistocats (Disney) in Romanian. :-) I also purchased him three cartoons of fairy tales that are in Romanian and they cost $5.00 each. The Disney movie; however, cost $23.00 and will NOT work in the U.S. It is okay we will leave it here with his family for other kids to enjoy.

No pictures today, will try tomorrow. I have already taken like 100 pictures, but am too tired to put the card reader in the computer. :-) I guess Vacationing makes you lazy at times. :-)

Til next time, have a wonderful Friday and upcoming Weekend!

La Revedere!

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Julie said...

Sounds like you're having a great time in Romania :)