Sunday, July 27, 2008

First Day at Home! Getting adjusted back to the time zone!

Finally! We are back home, home! Yesterday we flew in on a 6am flight from Boston as the flight from Boston we were supposed to be on Friday, we missed due to being stuck on the landing strip for thirty minutes. British Airways put us in a nice hotel in Boston for the night with $18 per person for two meals in the hotel and free shuttle back and forth to the airport. So, all in all, it went well considering. I believe we got more sleep in the hotel than we would have at home should we have arrived on Friday night like we were supposed to. Reason: Saturday we had a wedding shower to attend (day after arrival that turnd into the day OF arrival). The wedding shower wasn't next was two hours away. We went to the shower and picked up our pet Toy Poodle, Phoebe yesterday! Now we are all enjoying a nice quiet day at home!!!!!!!!

I can still feel Romania's time even though I know I just ate breakfast, I feel like it is 4pm not 9am! So wierd, even with a full night sleep.

I wasn't able to post as many pictures as I would have liked while in Romania, but I will be sharing some highlights from the trip here and there...probably best on Wordless Wednesdays so I can resume normal topics here at Thrifty and Creative! :-)

It is great to be back home, but naturally we will miss friends and family in Romania! We keep in touch with all these folks with the wonderful FREE service of where you can video conference skype to skype for FREE!!!! :-) Long Distance Relatives? Both sides having high speed internet? Download Skype! You will love it!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Julie said...

Welcome back home Melanie :)

Lacy said...

Welcome back!