Monday, September 28, 2009

Starting to make the Baby List...

Just this past week, I finally sat down and took time to write all the items, gear, etc... that we still have from our son.

It was pleasantly surprising to see all we do NOT need to buy this time around. A sure savings to save the old and leave a bit of room for some new.

We saved the big items like:
Play yard
Two superyards XT (awesome product)
Booster seat
Car Seats
Receiving Blankets (a bunch)
Lots of clothes from each size
Jump-a-roo (I think it is called)
Bottle warmer
All types of feeding supplies from bottles to pump, etc... (Naturally will replace all important parts to new)
Changing mat (nice contour one)
the list goes on...

I am just proud of us for holding on to these items for 4-5 years now. We will simply wash them up in Dreft, etc... They have been tightly stored away in boxes, bags, etc...but will still wash them down good. If for some reason something needs to be least everything won't need to be and that is a nice thought! The first time is a LOT!!!!!

This leaves room for new comforter set, a few new clothes, necessities (shampoo, diapering items, etc...), and maybe one nice new item. Oh yeah...treat for myself will be a new diaper bag...I want one that looks like a handbag this time...going to be on the search. All without breaking the bank and doing it our self! Not bad!

Have a great week!

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