Wednesday, September 2, 2009

11 weeks and 1 day! :-)

I am 11 weeks and 1 day pregnant today!

I can finally let you all know why I haven't blogged much lately. This is the reason...I have not been feeling good at all for the past months and it is slowly easing up. As I get back more into my blogging here...I will be adding savings and ideas for those going through pregnancy and infants as I go through it. I am not changing direction as I always blog my Thrifty and Creative ideas for what we do, and now our focus is on adding a new member to our family.

My most current finding is for motion/dizzy/etc...feelings that you get in that first trimester. A friend at work suggested "Sea Bands" and let me borrow some today and they really seemed to help me out as I felt happier and more able to do my job better today without the nausea I've been feeling pretty strongly lately.

More to come...stay tuned. I am still have some sickness here and there. Probably will take a couple more weeks before I transition into the more comfortable of the three trimesters. :-)

Have a great day!

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