Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just lookin' at Computers the other day...

On Monday of this friend and I thought we would just peruse the stores for fun...we both needed to get out and about on our day off. One store we just kind of dropped in on was Best Buy. We said...hey lets look at Computers/Laptops, etc... for fun.

We were pleasantly surprised by the great computers you can get and for what seemed to us low low prices! Talk about tempting. We saw this one (desktop) that was soo impressive. It had a huge flat screen with the "tower" that was built into the screen (so no tower). It had a touch screen, wireless THIN keyboard and wireless mouse. It was awesome! I said...Hmm...wonder what this one cost? It was only $1000.00. I know that may sound high, but to me it does not for what you get. Think back just a few years...a thousand bucks wouldn't have gotten near that great of a computer. It had tons of storage, built in webcam. It just had it all. Very cool computer. There were also fantastic laptops with loads of storage and everything you want in any screen size ranging from $300-$700. That is just crazy good prices. Or maybe I haven't been out in a really long time. LOL So, I think...if anyone is in the market for a computer...go for it! One of our laptops (the one I am currently using) the screen is ready to fall off...seriously. So I may have to make the investment.

Just thought I would share in case there was anyone else out there that just hasn't looked at computers lately.

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