Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday Toot: Bought Some DVDs for Fun!

My Tuesday Toot this week is kinda silly I guess, but I am excited that I purchased some (what I consider) "cool" Dance/Workout DVDs! No, it is NOT a resolution...but I do feel I need to get more movement in my day.

I purchased a Beginner Hula Dancing/Fitness DVD; Hip Hop Abs; and a Hip Hop Dance DVD! I love to dance as well as high energy music and thought these would be great fun and interesting to learn something new! Also, I figured since the music is "fun"...my son will join me and enjoy it as well...thus allowing me to do some type of workout/movement.

I'll keep you posted if these DVDs work out. If they do...I want to purchase a Tap Dance DVD too! My husband isn't too excited about that one...he is scared I am going to mess up the floor with my tap shoes. :-) I told him I could get a wood board and put it down and not use the hardwoods. We'll see. :-) Oh yeah, and I am pretty certain...my son would end up wanting a pair of Tap Shoes. (I already have a pair from a class I took in College...it was soo much fun!)

Have a great week!



Let me know how your tap dance dvd works out. I bought shoes and went to class once. Went back the next week and they were closed. Then I moved. I would really like to pursue it as it is great exercise.


Melanie said...

I took tap in college as a class and it was soo much fun! I will definitely do an update on the DVDs to let everyone know how it goes.