Friday, October 3, 2008

Sites to find your child a Costume!

Find your child's costume (or yours) from the luxury of your home. Here are a few recommended sites to check out that has a nice selection of costumes for the little ones and some for the big people. (eToys Direct, Inc.)

Banner ET_Halloween08125x125


It's FRIDAY! Yay! Time to think about relaxing, shopping, and getting that costume! When you return from work today, take time to surf these sites for their Costume Selections and deals. Relax and shop now and get the costume of your choice. Don't wait til right before, as costumes tend to get "picked over" the closer Halloween gets.

Grab your kids a costume and go out and take some cute pictures! How about making a fun Photobook to commemorate the Season (Fall or Halloween would make a nice book) from Shutterfly or take advantage of their New Member Offer 50 FREE PRINTS and my goodness FREE SHIPPING!!!! Whoa! :


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