Thursday, October 30, 2008

Split your Club Shopping Bill in Half!

I thought this was such an awesome idea that I had to "blog" about it to you!

We all know if you shop at places like Costco, Bj's, Sam's Club, etc...that you are Saving, but ONLY if you actually use enough of the item to purchase in "Bulk." Otherwise, it can seem costly...most especially if something gets old and goes to waste because you have so much of it.

This article I read in the BJ's flyer this past week suggested "Buddy Shopping" which mentions you make a list together with a friend...and go with that person to your store...and buy the items like, let's say, Eggs. You might get a LARGE pack of eggs that you KNOW you aren't going to use them all (and if you do..don't get that item together...get it on your personal list) but if you could split them and the price down the middle...whamo...What a Bargain all the sudden!
Okay, so you make that list together...and split the bill down the middle. When you get back to your house or your "buddy's" house...have fun splitting the items down the middle. Hey, and for those an old egg carton from prior shopping and there you both have egg cartons! :-)

You have saved money, and GAS (by traveling together) and hopefully had some fun in the process!

Now, find a buddy!

I loved this idea and it never crossed my mind. I like it because I have seen items that I thought to myself...unless you are a huge wouldn't use all of this or that in time.

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