Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Free Home Renovation: Clean up and Move Stuff Around!

Well, that is the way I am looking at it anyways. I have been wanting to do some new things to our house, like painting a few rooms, changing floors etc... But all of that, right now, is too expensive to even consider. To get rid of the "let's do something to the house" bug...I am going to clean out closets...put some items away and maybe rearrange a room or two. I feel that will give me an "I did something to the house" feeling and for FREE! :-)

The last time I did this...I tackled the kitchen by moving electronics (cameras, small computer gadgets etc...) above where we use the laptop in the kitchen in the cabinet above. And I got rid of some unused baby stuff (son is now three) to make plenty of space. By moving the cameras, etc...I cleared out a different small narrow cabinet and put all the medicines, etc... together! This gave us a much more functional kitchen for our lifestyle (in the kitchen at least). :-) I am still enjoying my new set up!

I have also switched out hallway closets as well, moving the "Art Closet" next to the room we do Art in and my Barbie Collection to the closet near our bedroom that is much less used. All of this type of rearranging gives me some sense of a "sigh of relief!" Making life more functional!

Have a great weekend!

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