Friday, May 7, 2010

Started receiving all the medical bills associated with the birth of my daughter!

Yep!  That is correct...tons of bills from this person and that...along with hospital bill.  So blessed to have insurance..would not want to tackle those bills without it.  Even WITH insurance...I am curious how we are going to pay off these things in the time frame the doctors and hospital wants them.  I have decided to pay them $50 per month Each bill until I figure it out.  They are a bunch with a total close to the $3K mark...maybe more..don't want to add them together for fear of causing me to get stressed about it. 

I have no solutions at this time, but if I figure something...I will definitely share.  Anyone out there with advice of how you handled these bills.  It just isn't possible to pay the totals when they want them.  Not complaining...just trying to figure it all out.  I know we can do it...just have to really sit and think and break out the calculator, pencil and paper!

Happy Friday to All!  :-)

Oh yeah...Happy Mother's Day Sunday to all Moms out there!


Ashley @ Joyful Creations said...

Our hospital bills ran up to $4,000 for the birth of my son. Here in GA, the hospitals can't do anything as long as you are paying something. I could pay them $10 a month and even if it's not paid by the time THEY want it done, there's nothing they can do. My insurance company advised me to make a payment of whatever I could afford, even as low as $10 a month and don't let the hospital push me around.

Melanie said...

That is what I am hoping the case is here...we can't pay more than like $50 per month..they have to understand...just had a baby..intend to pay back; however, the daily living expenses just went up due to having a baby. I hate not being able to pay immediately, but I am not wonderwoman! LOL :-)

Congrats on your son by the way! :-) Aren't children wonderful and so worth it! :-)