Monday, May 24, 2010

Going to "Snowflake" the Medical and Hospital Bills

We have 6 different medical and hospital bills.  I am having to get "creative" with paying these off.  I hate debt and thought how are we going to do this.  Paying a little bit on each....adds up to a lot per month AND nothing is getting paid off.  Luckily one can be a bit more flexible with medical bills than most that like to threaten you or charge high interest fees and late fees and so forth.  So here is what I am going to do, in order to get out of this medical/hospital bill mountain.

I decided to grab the three smallest amounts and pay them off...with our regular money and with a credit union very low interest credit card (this is to consolidate and pay more towards the amount of all three.)

With the three  remaining large amounts...going to pay $100 per month on each of them and the third will be paid off when I get my end of year supplement (teacher) in June (I still sent $50 to show them I am paying and wrote a note I would be paying off next month).  That leaves me with two medical bills instead of 6!!!  to focus on!  Which will allow me to pay MORE than a small amount each because I only have to think of those two.  Now, are you wondering about the charged ones?  Well...that is a bill we ALREADY pay with a very  low balance because I have set amount I already pay and will pay extra and often each week if need to be to get rid of that one (not much concerned about that one anymore). 

It feels great to know I can eliminate this debt fairly quickly.  Anytime I get extra cash (from sales on ebay or etsy)..this will go towards one of the two large bills. 
Sounds like a simple end solution but it took a lot of playing with numbers and careful consideration as to what to do with those three small bills (considering I decided to put it on the card).  It is the best solution because otherwise, nothing was getting paid off.  Stressful each month sitting down to so many envelopes...all wanting money! 

Taking  a deep breath and going to get this week started!  :-)
Have a good one!

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