Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Really want to focus on debt

I do...I really want to focus on debt; however, seems like the debt keeps growing lately with a new baby and everything.  At the same time, I feel like now is time to slow down the debt growth and make a serious plan to decrease the debt and eventually pay it off.

Since my husband's layoff a bit over a year ago we are finally becoming stable again.  He has been steady with his new job for a year this month!  Yay!  We are so happy with his new job.  He has great hours and doesn't work weekends.  It is less pay but you can't put a price on having your hubby at home!  Loving it!

With all this said...I started thinking this morning about my college loans and how high they are and the monthly payment we have to make on it.  Very high..too embarrassed to say but let me put it this way...it would be a nice car payment each month and we could have a new one with the amount. 

I am curious if anyone has any tips on refinancing a college loan?  Has anyone done this...can you do this even?  I know government runs these loans so they aren't so flexible.  I currently have 5.75% on my loan...would love even lower to really pay this thing down and see the potential to have it paid off in my lifetime.  :-)

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Unknown said...

My husband was also laid off 2 years ago. His new job pays a lot less, but he is so much happier. We just eat out a lot less. We have learned we can live on less.

Melanie said...

Sounds just like us...laid off...back to work, less pay but SOOO MUCH HAPPIER! You are right, one can live on less. :-) Glad you guys are happy, we are the same. I just love having my husband home one weekends and he even beats me home from work. It is wonderful!