Thursday, November 5, 2009

November already?

I am in disbelief at the rapid pace that this year has went by.

I am 20 weeks this week! Officially five months now! Half way there! Sorry for all the exclamation points...just showing some enthusiasm here. :-)

Trying to figure out some ways to save extra money for the new baby coming in March. Have tried to start selling on Etsy again after having taken a long break from it all. I felt really bad the first three plus months of this pregnancy. With my son...I don't remember feeling that bad. The good news is ...that stage has seemed to pass and I have moved on to the more energy and healthier appetite stage. (My favorite stage.)

We are hoping to insulate our garage and believe that will help with heating and cooling the room above which is our all important hobby room. Where we do our creating. My husband draws and lately, my thing is macrame and crochet. My son loves to paint! We are an always busy bunch.

Have a lovely Friday!

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