Tuesday, November 10, 2009

45 Days til Christmas!

What are you doing to get ready this year?

I have purchased two gifts and several for my son already. Very proud of myself. I have made and listed ornaments in my etsy store to make money and get in the Holiday spirit early. So far I have sold 7-9 of the ornaments (I didn't do a final count). Every little bit helps.

Speaking of Holidays...
I hope everyone has a terrific Veteran's day tomorrow.
I also hope everyone is getting excited about Thanksgiving!

Have a great week everyone!
Tomorrow we find out "boy or girl!"
What do you think? boy or girl?

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Jan said...

Our Kris Kindle has been organized but other than that, I'm pretty much minimizing Christmas this year altogether. It really helps going home for Christmas this year as we don't feel the need to put up a tree etc. A down home, low key Christmas and I couldn't think of anything better. Good luck with your etsy sales!