Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yay! I am now in Summer Vacation!

Finally! Sigh of relief! I made it through the school year successfully!

Time to relax at home and enjoy spending time with my son and the dog at home! We aren't going on any trips this summer. Saving money this year!

I love being home, especially with my son! He will turn 4 years old this summer!

My summer is going to be shorter than usual as our school adopted a new calendar which will give teachers a 5 weeks summer and 7 for the kids. No will be cool I think so. We will have a few long breaks within the school year and have breaks where kids can come in for extra help.

I'm excited! I love summer and the idea of a few longer breaks built in the school year.

Mainly, I am excited to have a job for next year. With the current economy and cuts to education, etc....I've been frightened at the thought of losing my job. My husband did this past Christmas as you know.

So far so good. Hanging on and going to save as much as we can to prepare for whatever the economy brings us in the next year or so.

We would love to plan a second child. I'll keep you posted on that as well!

So there is my delayed update and will be blogging more frequently now that I am on break and things have slowed down for the moment.

Oh yeah, I signed my son (will be 4 in July) up for Fall Soccer and signed my husband up to be a coach (his request). This will be fun for all of us! My son loves the outdoors and other kids. My husband loves soccer!

Have a great Saturday!

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