Monday, June 22, 2009

Went to Yard Sales Saturday! Got some Deals!

I love going to Yard Sales!

You just never know what you might find! Some times you go out and find nothing or everything just seems overpriced. Well, this past Saturday, my friend and I just went to a few and had a great time and got some major deals.

Here is what I bought that I am excited about:

*An Egg and Spoon Race NEW in the Box...never been opened for $4.00 (in the store it is like $15 or something)

*Some new notecards with a coffee theme for 15 Cents! I am forever needing thank you notes.

*Some Vogue (New in Box) Notecards for 50 Cents! (Beautiful Cards)

*A wrestler doll for $2 (sells in the store for $15)

*Cute Welch's Glasses with Curious George and Dragon Tales for 10 Cents Each!

*A Lifehouse CD for $1.00 (I like one song on there so it was a great deal)

My fav purchase was the Egg and Spoon son has already gotten the $4 worth out of it plus the $15 regular purchase price! It is so cute!

Those were my best deals of the weekend. I did some other shopping at Target, Walmart and Tuesday Morning...but my most exciting purchases were at the yard sales! Loving a deal and it was Fun!

Have a great Monday all!

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