Sunday, October 13, 2013

Art Conference

Hi all!

I am an Art Teacher by day...not just a saving Jewelry Designer.  :-)

Last weekend I got to enjoy a weekend out with a bunch of Art Teachers from around the state (NC).  I had a great time learning lots of great things to utilize in my classroom as well as in my own Artistic endeavors. 

My favorite workshops I attended (I loved them all but these two were my favs) were:
*I learned about Polymer clay and "Steampunkery" (very cool..can't wait to make/design my own beads and supplies to use in my jewelry; as well as, a lesson for my older students in the Art.)
*I also got a greater grasp of what Zentangle(r) is and where it came from and the process.  Very fun and very "zen."  I can totally use this in lots of cool lesson plans and I will find a way to use some of what I learned into my artistic self as well. 

My favorite NON-workshop activity was simply walking around Downtown Raleigh at First Friday Night where there are TONS of Art Exhibits/Artists/Galleries, and so much more creative happenings.  It is rejuvenating for the Art Teacher and Artist alike.  This "walk" was so inspiring.  When I got home...I picked up a pen and paper and have drawn at least one drawing each day. Something I haven't done for  years.   I DO design/create jewelry and macram√© wall hangings but this is a bit different.  So exciting to find my Artsy self again.  Thank you State Art Conference!  I look forward to going back again next year!

On my Own at home

Another attempt on my own at home

two samples that I learned in the Zentangle(r) workshop at the conference. 
These were guided by the Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT(r))
Have a great day everyone!

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Unknown said...

Hello Melanie,
I'm a syndicated cartoonist, creating "Slylock Fox and Comics for Kids" strips for over 25 years, I've been including a child's drawing in the feature every week for nearly the entire run of the comic. I enjoy giving youngsters a place to shine, be inspired and instill enthusiasm for drawing. I recently launched a site that allows me to display and comment on many more of the submissions I receive. I'm trying to provide an online gallery where kids can be proud to share their creations. Hope you'll take a peek --