Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Refinance just in time!

We called our mortgage lender a couple months ago.  Long story short: she was able to get us locked into a great loan at 3.75% which is great for us. 

We have been having a tough time lately with rising costs of everything (bills etc...) and not getting increase in pay.  With two children, etc...it just got tough.

With the refinance...we are going to save over $200 per month on our mortgage and of course you all know that when you refinance you get to skip a payment on the mortgage one month.  That is a lifesaver in itself.  Not only that...we had it timed so perfectly that we end up with two months we get to skip.  PHEW!  This is a HUGE blessing for us financially and we hope and pray to be smart and get "back on track" with the financing we are used to doing and live a little more comfortably.

Off topic:  The winner of the necklace has been notified and will ship out the necklace this week to them.  Once I ship that giveaway....then is when I shall start the next.  Stay tuned!


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