Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pinterest Boards

I realize I have "dropped the ball" a bit on posting new blog posts here.  I suppose it is partially because I have an addiction for Pinterest!  I pin a lot of money saving ideas and DIYs there.  Shame on me...I could have been blogging those finds!  My apologies.

I will start by simply giving you my direct link to the money saving boards right now!
(If you follow ALL of my boards...well, unless you are an Artist or Art may get annoyed as I am pinning lesson plans all the time.  That info is pretty cool also...but perhaps maybe just for me! :-) ) 

Here they are: (This is DIY and How Tos) (Home..stuff like detergent here..Awesome $ Saver!) (Saving Money)

I have a lot of other boards as well...but the three above are dealing with the main topic of this blog: Thrifty & Creative in Saving Money!

If you have a Great Money Saving Board....Share below in a comment so I can follow you! 

Money remains tight and I am always seeking more ways to save!
Thank you!

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