Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Trying to figure out a schedule!

By schedule I mean...simply....trying to balance trying to save with comparison shopping and couponing, etc...
Since joining a gym, starting back to work (summer vacation is done), trying to coupon and comparison shop...I am trying to also to have normal quality family time with my two kids, dog and husband; as well as, my jewelry making.  My jewelry making has taken a back seat lately...and that is First!  What I am trying to figure drop the couponing, etc..and bring back the jewelry making.  I was making money with that..but with the comparison shopping (with coupons) I am saving.  I everyone...wanted to be wonder woman and do it all.  I am realizing...I just can't seem to balance it all.  I am in the step back and assess mode to see if there is a way to do everything fairly...if not...something has to may be coupons.  It isn't like I spend a ton of time at it...I really don't.

I don't expect responses to this...I just wanted you all to know that I am still here...but in deep thought.  :-)  On top of it son's soccer season starts this week....that means one practice per week and one game.  It will all get straightened out.

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