Sunday, June 12, 2011

Got my first Sunday Newspaper today!

I subscribed to the Sunday paper just a week and a half ago. Today was my first of 13 weeks.
I was just curious of the coupons and flyers that are in them.  We used to get the Sunday paper years ago and stopped when we needed to save money to move into another house.  Well, with the interest in couponing lately...I wanted to see what the newspaper has to offer since every couponing site recommends the Sunday paper.

So far I am is just one week but I can tell already that there are enough coupons plus to pay back the subscription.  I am not going to get rich from it, but it is definitely worth the subscription.  I also enjoyed looking through the sales flyers.  Great way to know where the deals are and where to spend your coupons.  I just have to master my organizational skills for this one. 

I have also subscribed to "All You" magazine as it is stated to have a lot of useful coupons in each issue...comes out once a month and is fairly inexpensive.  I will let you know what I think when I get my first issue...might be a month or so before I get that one. 

I have saved a little bit here and there so far with my couponing...I have a long way to go.  The way I see long as I am only buying what I normally would buy and can manage a coupon for some of the items...then I AM saving.  If I start buying things I would never buy...even cheap with coupon...then I am spending more than necessary.

Keep in mind I am a "rookie couponer" but excited to give it a real try!

Have a great week!
Enjoy these beautiful days outside!
Melanie :-)


Lisa said...

Are the coupons for healthy items or for like 5 boxes of twinkies? I know sounds funny, but a lot of coupons are for things that are not the healthiest or things I don't even eat. I guess, I am trying to figure out if I should get the sunday paper too.

Melanie said...

5 boxes of twinkies..LOL...haven't found five coupons of any one thing.

Now, to seriously answer your question...I do not know what you buy exactly BUT I can tell you the coupons I used so far are for: coffee, paper towels, yogurt,and shampoo. There are lots of coupons for household cleaning and hygiene as well. Everyone (I think so) uses these items. I would tell you to NOT buy a subsciption if you are concerned about it having your shopping list but purchase ONE Sunday Paper at your local grocery store or stand...(Make sure coupons are in it to be sure they aren't missing).

We save on fresh produce three ways: we grown some of our own veggies, we shop ALDI's (tough to beat them on produce), and our local stand (after comparison shopping the different little side stands).

So many ways to save...not just coupons...but it is something I wanted to try.

I feel the Sunday Paper is worth it to have the Sales Flyers in my hand to know Where to shop! I found I shopped better deals (even without a coupon) thanks to the sunday flyers!

Thank you for your back what you find out!