Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Baby is Keeping Me Busy...

Hello All!

My apologies for not checking more lately.  Having a new addition around the house has proven to take up most of my time.  When I am not tending to the kids (four year old and baby), I am working on my etsy shop and making items for it.  I have also returned to selling on Ebay recently.  I am doing all of this to help pay down our medical bills and if nothing else...helping us out day to day and supporting my hobby.  :-)

I am proud of my 11 week maternity leave as well as my 5 week summer vacation.  I am truly blessed to be able to stay home that long with the baby and my soon to be five year old (next week is his birthday).

My current financial goal, besides paying down the bills, is to save up enough money to buy a new computer!  All sales from ebay and etsy will go towards saving for a new computer.  This way, no charge cards are used to get it and no money coming from our regular living and bills will go towards it.  If I don't make enough money to cover the computer...well, we don't need it then!  :-)

Have a terrific rest of July!  I hope to check in again sooner than later!  :-)

Final note:  So excited my son will be going with me to work for the next six years...he starts Kindergarten this school year and I am a teacher in Elementary that is K-5th. So excited...also a money saver by not having to concern myself with before and after school care.  I also get to keep the awesome lady that kept him for my baby (daughter).  Everything is going to plan and falling into place.  Life is good!

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Off topic... La Multi Ani Traian (Happy Birthday Traian) -Gino