Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Monday!

It's that time of week again...Monday!

Just doing a random update here....

I hope everyone had a fabulous Fourth! We did...we hung out with friends and just basically relaxed.

My husband's garden is doing well...we have gotten tons of cucumbers and the tomatoes are starting to finally turn red! We love slicing up a tomato, cucumber and bring out the laughing cow cheese and that is a terrific snack...can be a nice little breakfast also...toss in a piece of bread.

I found out over the weekend it is hard to find drinks that have no caffeine in them. We are all trying to cut down on caffeine intake. I did find that Ginger Ale has no caffeine, and naturally Caffeine Free colas have no caffeine (but I am curious if anything else in them are bad for you?). I know, these days everything is bad for you.

We noticed recently that we started to eat out too much and decided to cut back again by eating healthy (healthier), etc....we are starting to make soups, baked dishes and such that last a while for several meals and these are healthier than eating out, taste good and last a while for cost effectiveness.

We stopped in a grocery store (other than Aldi's) this weekend and were sticker shocked. We always shop at Aldi Grocery Store (the bag it yourself type place). After that stop...we are proud of our shopping and value at Aldi! So, we are doing good in that area by shopping Aldi. Love that store!

I'm home for the summer, so we save gas and everything by myself and son being home. Also, my sitter likes her summer off too to spend with her it is a huge savings for us too. Most sitters and daycares require you to pay whether your kid is there or not. We are blessed in this area too.

We are searching for areas to save money though. I will keep you posted if I find a new saver.

Have a great Monday!
That is my update!